2023-2024 Catalog 
    May 29, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BAS, On campus or online)

The fundamental purpose of the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree is to permit students to assume the responsibility for developing individualized programs of study to meet particular needs. This degree program is specifically designed to meet the unique objectives of those students who elect a general program of studies in higher education, leading to a baccalaureate degree, but who do not necessarily intend to pursue identifiable vocational, professional, and/or graduate interests. A student may structure a program of studies so that the sequence and combination of courses reflect either specialized or broad patterns of educational experience. The BAS is available on campus or online. However, not all courses are accessible online which may limit the options for the self-design component. Please note, international students enrolled in distance education (online) programs are not eligible for F-1 student status at UMFK.

The BAS program is eligible for participation in the 3 + 3, Bachelor - Juris Doctor, Accelerated Pathway (MaineLaw)  and the 4 + 1 Bachelor - MBA, Accelerated Pathway (MaineMBA) .

Since the BAS degree has few specified requirements, certain guidelines are unique to this degree program:

  1. Students graduating with the BAS degree, regardless of the courses they have taken, are not required to complete a specified major or minor.
  2. With the advice of a faculty advisor and the approval of the Academic Affairs office, students create a self-designed program with at least 30 credits and/or a sub-plan with at least 18 credits.  The self-designed program and/or sub-plan will be recorded on their transcript. 
  3. Students who do not create a self-designed program will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in General Studies.
  4. Students enrolled in the BAS degree may take any course offered by the University for undergraduate credit, provided course prerequisites are satisfied or with permission of the instructor.
  5. Students may transfer at any time from the BAS degree to any other undergraduate program provided they meet the admissions requirements of the program into which transfer is sought. Credits accrued in the BAS program will be applied as appropriate in the elected program.
  6. Students may transfer at any time into the BAS program provided they meet the grade point average required for transfer between degree programs.

Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree will be awarded upon the successful completion of the individualized program of studies and fulfillment of the University of Maine at Fort Kent graduation requirements:

Required: HUM 102/103

  • First-time students will be enrolled in HUM 102.  Based on the number of credits transferred into UMFK, a transfer student will enroll in either Hum 102 and Hum 103.  Your advisor will assist you in determining which course to be enrolled in.
  • A minimum of a C grade is required to be considered a passing grade.
  • Transfer or readmittance students with 60 or more credits are exempt from completing this course.