2021-2022 Catalog 
    May 28, 2024  
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Distance Education

Distance Education DEGREE Options

Distance Education CERTIFICATE Options

Distance Education provides students educational opportunities outside of the regular classroom setting.  Distance Education instructors and learners interact synchronously or asynchronously at a distance, employing technology to facilitate and/or enhance the educational experience.  Distance learning responds to the needs and goals of students for flexible, accessible courses, programs, and certificates, and includes course offerings via methods of online instruction, blended learning, hybrid courses, interactive television classes, and through video conferencing equipment.  Student support services, learning resources, technical, and administrative support are provided for all forms of distance learning.  Students who participate in distance education courses are required to have computer and Internet access.  Depending on the method of distance learning, students may be required to visit a center or campus.  Before the start of an online course, students will be provided instructions on how to access the course within the universities’ learning management system, as well as information on other campus services.  All newly-matriculated students participating in an online degree program/certificate will be required to participate in an Online Orientation.


Instruction Mode 



These classes have both in-person and online components. The dates/times of in-person meetings are scheduled.

Distance Synchronous Learning 

These classes never meet in person. The course is taught online, and the instructor is expected to deliver instruction synchronously (i.e., in real time) at the times for which the class is scheduled.



A course section where 100% of course activity and class meetings are completed asynchronously (i.e., not in real time) online with no required online meeting times.


A single course section with the option to attend on-site, attend via video or audio technology during class meeting times, or watch a recording of the course asynchronously (i.e., not in real time) via recorded class sessions, or in any combination of the three.


Distance Education DEGREE Options

Associate of Arts in General Studies with a concentration in:

Criminal Justice Concentration (AA)   

General Studies Concentration (AA)  

Human Services Concentration (AA)  

Information Security (AS)   

Cybersecurity (BS)    

Nursing RN to BSN Track (BSN, Online)  

Business Management (BS) Online Degree Completion Track  

Distance Education CERTIFICATE Options

Healthcare Management Certificate    

Information Security Certificate  

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician - Community (MHRT/C) Certificate