2023-2024 Catalog 
    Apr 14, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog

Bachelor - MBA, Accelerated Pathway (MaineMBA)

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Accelerated Graduate Pathways to MaineMBA

UMFK offers several Accelerated Graduate Pathways to the MaineMBA, a Master of Business Administration with the University of Maine. The program provides highly motivated students from select majors the opportunity for favorable admissions and dual-enrollment opportunities with MaineMBA. This pathway, also called 4+1, allows UMFK students to begin their graduate-level MBA studies in their senior year of undergraduate coursework and to take up to two (2) core courses (six (6) credits) of graduate coursework which may be applied towards their undergraduate degree requirements at UMFK.

This Accelerated Graduate Pathway- MBA provides for a favorable admission process and an accelerated degree plan, including:

  1. Streamlined admissions
  2. Application fees waived
  3. Possible GRE/GMAT waiver
  4. TOEFL waived for international applicants
  5. Consideration for the George F. Naumann and John M. Webber Scholarships
  6. Up to six (6) credits of graduate coursework applied to UMFK undergraduate degree requirements

Admissions Requirements

  1. Undergraduate GPA at UMFK of 3.25 or higher (required)
  2. Earned a “B” or better in the following courses at UMFK (recommended)
    • ECO 101 Microeconomics
    • MAT 251 Statistics or Equivalent
    • BUS 100 Accounting Principles I
    • BUS 300 Principles of Corporate Finance I
  3. GMAT: Minimum GMAT of 500 or a GMAT waiver is available with a total GPA of 3.25 or above and a 3.0 GPA in the business courses listed above
  4. Five years of demonstrated leadership experience (recommended)
  5. Completed University of Maine graduate application (required)
  6. Acceptance into the UMFK Accelerated Pathway - MBA at UMFK. Please note, acceptance into the pathway does not guarantee admission into the MaineMBA program.

Admissions and Acceptance into MaineMBA

UMFK students may apply for admission to the MaineMBA in the Fall or Spring of their junior year and receive tentative admission, pending successful completion of their undergraduate requirements. Full admission into the MaineMBA will be granted upon successful completion of the UMFK undergraduate degree. Students unable to complete all recommended foundational requirements prior to applying to the MaineMBA will still be considered. In some cases, completion of the of University of Maine Graduate School of Business tutorials in Accounting, Finance, Statistics, and Economics will be accepted in lieu of coursework.

Credit Articulation

Up to six (6) credits of graduate-level coursework (500 level or higher) completed for the MaineMBA with a grade of C or better can be used to satisfy UMFK undergraduate degree requirements.

Choosing the Accelerated Graduate Pathway-MBA

Students are strongly encouraged to elect the Accelerated Graduate Pathway - MBA in their first semester at UMFK. Students may elect the pathway after matriculating at UMFK only if they have been enrolled in at least fifteen (15) credits per semester in the first year. Students may apply to the pathway until December 31 of the Fall Semester of their second year but this does not guaranteed the program can be finished on schedule. Students should confer with their advisors concerning course sequencing.

Eligible UMFK Majors

There are 7 Bachelor programs which can be used in this 4 + 1 Accelerated Pathway;

UMFK Courses

The majority of the undergraduate course work is done on the UMFK campus in Fort Kent, Maine. Students will have the option to take some classes in an online format as well. Students will work with their academic advisors to schedule courses and meet program requirements.

UMFK Seminars

Students in the Accelerated Graduate Pathway - MBA at UMFK will attend a semester seminar to prepare for graduate school, engage with their peers, and have opportunities to engage with the UMS graduate school programs in the pathway.

UMFK Bachelor degree completion

Students must meet all the degree requirements of UMFK as outlined in the catalog year the student matriculating into UMFK.








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