Current, 2021-2022 Catalog 
    Oct 22, 2021  
Current, 2021-2022 Catalog

French (BA)

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Vision Statement

The French program at the University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK) envisions an environment that combines the study of the language, culture, and arts of the French-speaking world while celebrating the unique culture, language, and heritage of the St. John Valley.

Mission Statement

As an integral part of its parent institution, the French program is committed to a quality liberal arts education serving rural northern Maine, and beyond. Our curriculum emphasizes an appreciation of the Acadian and Franco-American heritage, culture and regional French language of the St. John Valley. Our mission is to provide our French majors with a broad view of the language, cultures, and arts of the French-speaking world.

Program Description/Goals

The prime objective of the French Program at UMFK is to help every student become skilled in using the French language in all types of communication. Over the course of study, students become proficient in the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communicative modes of the French language while gaining knowledge of the literature, culture, and arts of the French-speaking world. Students are especially encouraged to take advantage of our unique location, in a bilingual community, bordering French-speaking Canada, where the possibilities for authentic French communication are nearly endless.

Throughout their course of study, students have the opportunity to study French in perhaps the only truly French-English bilingual setting in the United States. They also are encouraged to study abroad for a semester, or a year, and to participate in the many French-language social activities on campus and in the community. Students also may take advantage of our partnership with the Université de Moncton Campus d’Edmundston located in Edmundston, New Brunswick, 20 miles away, where they can take courses in any program of study taught in French while receiving credit here at UMFK. In fulfillment of our mission, the French program will:

  1. Prepare students of French as effective leaders in society through a solid liberal arts education;
  2. Develop creative and innovative educational methodologies that serve a diverse student population;
  3. Prepare students with an advanced proficiency in speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing of French;
  4. Educate tomorrow’s foreign language advocates about the importance of learning a second language in an increasingly competitive global society;
  5. Enrich the French and Franco-American cultural and educational life of the St. John Valley community; and
  6. Provide opportunities for faculty to pursue scholarly endeavors such as teaching, service and research and develop, foster, and maintain collaborative partnerships with the community and other institutions.

Student Learning Outcomes

UMFK graduates of the French major will:

  1. Develop an advanced proficiency in written communication of French; develop an understanding of the literature of the French-speaking world;
  2. Describe the cultures and arts of the French-speaking world;
  3. Research at least one area of French literature, culture, film, or pedagogy; and
  4. Develop cultural curiosity and knowledge of francophone cultures through direct interaction with native French speakers.

Program Requirements

  • French (FRE) course electives 30 credits
  • 3 credits

    • French majors and minors are required to meet with the French faculty during the first half of their junior year for a discussion of their progress and goals. Further assessment will be accomplished through the Capstone Project. The Project can take one of four forms:

    • Senior Thesis. Students write an extended research paper in French (20-page minimum with full MLA documentation) on a literary, cultural or linguistic topic with the guidance of a French faculty advisor.
    • Community Outreach Project. Students, either individually or in small groups, initiate a community event or project promoting the study of French or celebration of local French identity, language, and culture with the guidance of a French faculty advisor.
    • Combination of Thesis and Community Outreach Project. Students may elect to combine the above two options of writing an extended research paper in French (15-page minimum) and initiating a community project or event under the guidance of a French faculty advisor.
    • Study abroad at a francophone university. Selection of the program is made with the guidance of a French faculty advisor.

Techniques of Assessment

  1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in French and literary analysis by receiving a satisfactory grade on their Senior Thesis extended research paper.
  2. Students will document the progress and planning of their Community Outreach Project in the form of a journal written in French which will include the written proposal of their project and self-assessment following completion of the project.
  3. Students will receive satisfactory grades in courses completed during their Studies Abroad at a Francophone University.

Suggested Course Sequencing

Fall Semester Freshmen Year - Total 16 credits

Spring Semester Freshmen Year - Total 15 credits

Fall Semester Sophomore Year - Total 16 credits

  • Minor 3 credits
  • 3 credits
  • General Education - Natural Science 4 credits
  • General Education - Behavioral Sciences 3 credits
  • Elective 3 credits

Spring Semester Sophomore Year - Total 15 credits

Fall Semester Junior Year - Total 15 credits

Spring Semester Junior Year

Study abroad at a Francophone University

Fall Semester Senior Year - Total 15 credits

Spring Semester Senior Year - Total 15 credits

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